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Offering 3 flavors of the perfect mini cake for Valentines! Each cake will be 3-4 servings


1. Tiramisu Cake:

Three layers of genoise cake brushed with espresso filled with creamy coffee mascarpone buttercream dusted in cocoa powder & garnished with chocolate dipped ladyfingers topped with edible gold flakes


2. "Dipped in Chocolate"

Three layers of dark chocolate cake filled with cherry liqueur chocolate ganache, fresh sliced cherries and strawberries, iced in Italian Meringue strawberry buttercream & garnished with decorated white and dark chocolate dipped fruit


3. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

A layer of rich and creamy vanilla bean cheesecake between two layers of red velvet cake, filled with fresh raspberries, and iced with a light vanilla Italian Meringue buttercream garnished with fresh raspberries & decorated red velvet heart sugar cookies

Elaborate Romantic Cakes

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