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What to know about decorated sugar cookies

Decorated sugar cookies sure are popular right now and its pretty easy to see why! These luxury cookies are made to order and personalized to you and your event. From the multiple conversations needed to design the perfect cookies, to making & baking dough, making & coloring icing, and the hours of hands on decorating using multiple techniques and skills developed over years of experience- decorated sugar cookies are a heavily time invested custom, personalized item. As a pasty chef, I love making these because they truly allow me to show my artistic skills and I love creating the perfect designs for your event. Not to mention, I've worked very hard to make the best recipes! My sugar cookies are soft, full of flavor, and a tad addictive! I can't wait to create a custom set for your next special event.

  • Decorated Sugar cookies available in classic vanilla or chocolate. Seasonal flavors offered as well. Minimum of 1 dozen cookies per order.
  • All cookies will be individually packaged in heat sealed bags that keep the cookies fresh & soft for 3 weeks. Plus ingredient labels on each cookie!
  • Four different tiers of design packages offered to best fit your budget & cookie style! Simplistic, Standard, Elaborate, or Deluxe!


Regular Size (3.5-4inch):

$48 for 1st dozen, $42 for each additional dozen

Mini Size (1.5-2 inch):

$30 per dozen

This design package includes 1-2 cookie shapes with a max of 2 colors (not including white). ​These cookies are the best budget friendly option. These simple cookies show off the shape of the cookie and do not include any writing or complex pattering.

Regular Size (3.5-4inch):

$58 for 1st dozen, $50 for each additional dozen

Mini Size (1.5-2 inch):

$40 per dozen


My most popular design option! Includes 3-4 cookie shapes, up to five colors, and includes basic writing (like names or "Happy Birthday"), stencil work, some basic texturing techniques & airbrushing. 

Wishing you could have just one special cookie for that person of honor? Add a "Fancy Cookie" to any design package! A "Fancy Cookie" is one single cookie that can be absolutely any design imaginable! Nothing is off limits! Just $10 per Fancy cookie.


Regular Size (3.5-4inch):

$75 for 1st dozen, $62 for each additional dozen

Looking for something a little more special? This design package includes up to 6 cookie shapes per dozen and up to 6 colors. Basic logos, character outlines, and complex writing included with this package. Complex textures, gold details, and layered airbrush work included at this level.

Regular Size (3.5-4inch):

$120 for 1st dozen, $100 for each additional dozen


Anything is possible!

Want 12 different designs in your dozen? You got it!

Want super detailed characters from your favorite show? Sure thing!

Want your business's exact logo? Yep- can do! 

This package is perfect if you want to really impress and leave a lasting memory! 

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